Functions & features

CALL® the digital assistant for your service

Satisfied costumers, less waiting time, efficient service

CALL® offers the unique opportunity, to be target your service where it is needed. Whenever your guest has a service request, they can easily call your service staff with just one touch, or even pay bills directly via the device*. Thanks to feedback from CALL®, you will have an overview on your service staff at all times.

Thanks to the numerous functions that CALL® provides, you can schedule your staff more efficiently and save costs. Optimize your daily business processes and ensure satisfied guests, because they will automatically order more and thank you with a positive response and increased sales.


CALL® can be operated intuitively by any guest, even in a foreign language, without the need of instruction. As soon as costumer approach the device, the selection screen opens enabling calling a waiter (restaurants) or other employee (other industries), place orders or pay bills* with a simple finger touch.

When your guest has sent their request, your service staff will receive the relevant information on their Smartphone, Smartwatch and/or a central Tablet or Monitor.

And even if you don't want to use any additional technology, you can recognize your guest's service request directly on the device: the built-in LED color lighting changes color.

When the waiter or service personnel has confirmed the request, the guest will be informed directly via the CALL® that he will be served shortly. This way, the guest can fully devote himself to his conversation again and service communication becomes a relaxed matter. Take care of guests' requests and redesign your service.

Digital service call

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Greater effectiveness
  • More sales

Intuitive operating concept

  • Self-explanatory
  • Logical operating structure
  • Uncomplicated handling

Hygiene and contact minimization

  • Digital guest Check-ins and Check-outs
  • Easy to disinfect (IP66 protected)
  • Contactless payments

Direct order

  • No waiting time for service personnel
  • Connection to cash register systems*
  • Saves personnel and time

Direct payment options*

  • Faster payment
  • Choose between cash, card or online payments
  • Invoice via email possible (reduces paper waste)

Customer rating

  • On the spot
  • Creates trust
  • Real reviews

Multilingual user interface

  • Enhanced communication
  • More customers
  • Greater range

* only available in the PREMIUM tariff


With CALL® you can present your offers, advertising, events and services in an innovative way - digitally, without producing printing and paper costs. You can easily upload them to the devices in your CALL®Control Center (administration area) using drag & drop. After screening, your content will be published and visible for all.

While the guest is not using CALL®, your uploaded offers can be displayed alternately with Advertisements from our advertising network. The functions: "call employee", "place order" and "make payment" remain accessible at all times.

The easy to use CALL® Control Center not only offers you a lot of information that will take your business to the next level, but also enables you to register new devices very easily "with one click" and adapt the devices exactly to your needs. Manage your CALL® devices with ease.

CALL® is timeless, robust and functional at the same time. With a housing made of black, brushed aluminum, it impresses with its simple elegance and fits into almost any design concept. To facilitate cleaning and sanitization, the CALL® devices are splash-proof (according to IP66). Thanks to the LED lighting, status messages about three changing colors can be easily understood. This is why CALL® is not only a practical helper, but also a modern eye-catcher and customer attraction for your business.

A Menu holder for special promotions or a day ticket is directly integrated in the innovative design. Even if you will not use it, the card holder as such is not noticeable. CALL® only takes up as much space as you already needed for your card holder on the tables.

Innovative presentation

  • digital offers
  • Advertising*

Integrated menu holder

  • Space saving
  • Convenient

LED lighting

  • Decorative
  • Provides information about service status

Elegant design

  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Modern and timeless design
  • Hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect

Control Center

  • Easy management
  • Everything in view
  • Can be updated at any time


  • Offer presentation
  • Advertising platform
  • Customer information

* Placement of advertising on request


How about if you knew exactly how many service staff you need at what time and how you could use your staff more effectively and thus save costs?
If you always knew how the average waiting times and the number of your guests would develop and how you could optimize the preparations in your restaurant?

CALL® collects anonymized data, shows you statistics fully automatically in your CALL® Control Center and keeps you up to date. Use CALL® to analyze your day-to-day business, as personnel management or for vacation planning. In addition to gastronomy, CALL® is also is also thought for other different industries, As retail, medical care and others

Route optimization

  • Shorter walking distances (e.g. for waiters)
  • Faster service

Detailed statistics

  • Workload
  • Effectiveness
  • Waiting times

Personnel management

  • Performance evaluation
  • Higher utilization
  • Personnel optimization and vacation planning

Theft protection

  • Kensington lock prepared
  • Acoustic signal when lifting
  • GPS tracking

Connection with cash register systems *

  • Connection with all checkout systems possible
  • Avoids booking errors
  • Saves time

Online billing systems * 

  • Payment options, e.g. PayPal, credit card, VISA
  • Contactless payment

*only available in the PREMIUM tariff

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