Industry solutions

CALL® is not only the ideal helper for the gastronomy industry,but for all business areas in which customers are served. With CALL® you can revolutionize your hotel, your cruise ship, your retail, your doctor's office, etc. with numerous functions and features Optimize your business with CALL® and look forward to the associated increase in sales and satisfied customers. More versions of CALL® will be available soon, which are tailored to your needs in your business area.

Examples of usage

On the cruise ship industry

CALL® offers a real added value on the cruise ship due to the wide range of functions and the almost limitless expandability. The system is not only used in the on-board restaurant, because service requests are also made in the cabin. For example, CALL® can provide information about daily offers or plans for the short shore leave. This not only saves tons of paper, but also makes the entire organization on board easier. Payment with the boarding card is also possible by swiping it on the CALL display.

In hotels

Integrate CALL® at your reception and offer the guest additional services or goods. Save your customers waiting times with the "digital bell button". But CALL® also has great advantages in the hotel room. For example, food and drinks can be ordered directly to the room via the system.

In the retail industry

CALL® can also be used efficiently in retail industry. Via the system, direct service requests for products can be made, or service personnel can also be called in. As long as the customer doesn't need any help, CALL® will show e.g. offers, visited tours offer or current night live trends. The comprehensive statistics that CALL® collects and creates can be used to optimize advertising and the range of services in the store.

Other areas of application

Here you will find further areas in where Call® can be used efficiently.

Doctor's office

  • In the reception
  • In the waiting room


  • In the patient room
  • In the reception

Hardware store

  • Next to your products
  • On the information desk


  • In the on-train restaurant
  • In sleeping cabins
  • In seating groups

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