CALL® - Leasing

We offer you the opportunity to receive a unique leasing offer for CALL® financing. Flexibly and individually tailored to your company, runtime can be adapted to your needs. Complete your CALL® package and optionally choose other everyday helpers such as the CALL TAB2, CALL GO5, the smartwatch for even a more flexible use. Various docking stations are available to match this. Of course, devices such as tablets, smartphones and smartwatches from third-party providers can also be easily connected to the CALL®.

CALL® from € 18.10 * per month

With a term of z. B. 36 months, you can easily rent / lease the CALL® devices at € 18.10 * (incl. Business tariff) or € 20.10 * (incl. Premium tariff) per device. We would be happy to calculate other terms of 24 or 30 months for you on request.

There is also a down payment of € 67.50 per device, which corresponds to 15% of the introductory price.

Save twice - only for a short time. We're giving you the one-time connection fee of € 69.99! For the launch of the product, we lowered the unit price for you, without a rental / leasing contract, from € 599.99 to just € 449.99.

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*Prices plus VAT per month

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