Advertise and earn

As a display advertising medium for advertising streams or information, CALL® can create targeted advertising from its own in "standby mode” Play out the CALL® - Advertisement network and thus have it financed or generate additional income through advertising. Take the chance to present yourself digitally in an innovative way, it's worth it.

Example calculation for an advertising broadcast

How you can earn money with CALL® through advertising.

Suppose a CALL® shows 3 hours of advertising a day. Then that makes a profit of 21 EUR per CALL® for 26 days a month. Additional income is of course possible due to the longer advertising time!
3 H x 26 Days = 21 EUR*

When 12 CALL® are used, this means a profit of 252 EUR at 3 hours a day in 26 days.
3 H x 26 Days =21 EUR X 12 CALL® = 252 EUR

*Earnings per CALL® per month. This is a sample calculation and depends on the advertising broadcasts.