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Innovative and forward-looking – CALL® is the digital solution for your menu presentation. Store your menu in the user-friendly CALL® Control Center. Changes are done with just a few clicks, so your offers are always up to date - this saves time and money. Printed menus that get dirty quickly and are no longer up to date are a thing of the past.

By the way: After each visit, the splash-proof surface (according to IP66) can be cleaned - a menu has never been so hygienic!

As a restaurateur, use the CALL® to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. From the optimization of all service processes, thanks to numerous functions and features, to personnel management, the CALL® gives you the opportunity to precisely evaluate and manage internal processes.

As a restaurant entrepreneur, you can display your own advertising, for example; information about events, happy hour, lunch offers, etc., to do this, you must send your advertising to the Call Systems portal and it will be activated, after a scrutiny, so that it is displayed regularly.

You can also display external advertising. This includes e.g. your beverage brands, general or regional advertising. The advertising is marketed via the Call Systems Portal and you, as a restaurateur, receive a commission for the broadcasted advertising. You can find one here example calculationto see what you can earn.

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