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Place advertising in the CALL® advertising network and collect commissions.

Unlike other advertising networks, we want you as an agency to benefit from our CALL® advertising network. That is why we pay you a commission if you place advertising for your customers in the CALL® advertising network.

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Arguments for advertising in the CALL® advertising network

1. With CALL® you can advertise in a targeted manner.

Select the desired target group and the desired distribution location based on various criteria.

2. You pay an extremely low price.

Get lots of impressions for a small advertising budget.

3. You are close to your target customer.

You reach your target group directly at the table and can draw attention to your product and service.

4. You always keep your advertisement costs and performance in view.

You have full cost control by allocating a fixed advertising budget.

5. You are not bound by advertising contracts.

Simply advertise without a contract and without a minimum term.

6. Advertise completely in compliance with data protection regulations

Advertising via the CALL® advertising network is completely compliant with data protection, as no personal data of the guests is collected and/or saved.

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