Advertising opportunities

CALL® offers exactly the right platform for your advertising. You decide where an advertisement should be played - you can precisely define your target group via the CALL® advertisement manager. Define your advertising budget and create campaigns that are “razor-sharp” targeted for your desired customers - the system does the rest automatically. With CALL® you can not only advertise in a targeted manner, with the constantly growing advertising network you can reach a large audience at a low price.

CALL® - Advertisement network

Many impressions for a small budget

CALL® advertising network will become a large global platform for advertising in the future. All CALL® owners have the opportunity to target advertising from Agencies and third-party providers, e.g. beverage dealers or event organizers. During the CALL® standby mode, the display automatically switches to the advertising screens and lets the advertising messages appear in full-screen mode.

How targeted is advertising?

Advertising can be addressed in a very targeted manner and "wastage" can be avoided. Due to the versatility of the connected restaurateurs, the CALL® advertising network has a very wide range of different end customers that can be reached optimally - directly at the table.

At the time of registering a restaurateur, we create a profile about the guests of the locality and can therefore create a target group definition based on these criteria - and without having to collect personal data.

When is advertising played out?

Ads are played when the device is not in use: This means that while a guest triggers a service call („CALL®“), the advertisement is paused so that only the advertisements actually played are charged. If the table is not occupied, no advertising is played, so no advertising that is not seen by guests is lost. After an adjustable time, CALL® goes into stand-by mode (sleep mode). Thanks to the proximity sensor, CALL® automatically goes back into operation as soon as new guests approach the table.

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