What is CALL ®?

The digital service assistant CALL® is a unique complete solution for the Catering business. The innovative technology with Functions such as selection and information on food and drink orders or service call ensure a positive visit experience. Your guest has, always full control and freedom of choice via touchscreen, being able to order or pay directly on the device.

As a stand-alone solution, no further technical infrastructure is necessary. As an option, a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet for your service team can be connected to the CALL® in order to be able to react even more flexibly. Also for Hotel rooms, on cruise ship or in retail stores CALL® is the ideal service assistant - diverse and forward-looking. For you this means: Satisfied customers with little staff, higher sales, targeted Advertising and optimized table assignment at an extremely fair price.


Digital guest contact data registry and hygiene optimization – CALL® brings the solutions for your business management needs.

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Really everyone benefits from CALL®!
Service staff, restaurateurs, advertisers and end users.


Lower your costs, delight your guests and secure an additional source of income with our revolutionary system.

  • Reduce costs
  • Amaze guests
  • Generate additional income

Service staff

Optimize your route and save yourself "empty ways". Always be exactly where the guest needs you!

  • Optimize routes
  • Avoid "idle ways”
  • Be where you are needed


Benefit from targeted advertising and affordable impressions. Not just regionally, but internationally.

  • Advertise worldwide
  • Reach the required target group
  • Save advertising costs

Functions & features

Discover the digital service assistant.

service call

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Greater effectiveness

menu holder

  • Space saving
  • Convenient


  • Workload
  • Effectiveness

and contact minimization

  • Check-ins & Check-outs
  • Easy to disinfect